Hope Hoffman & the

Bowdoinham String Band

Traditional, professional music for community events.

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We're delighted to offer relaxed, imaginative entertainment for events all over Maine.

Our professional, flexible and personable performances are ideal for community gatherings.

We perform in restaurants, for weddings, at parties and community events, in retirement communities, at farmer's markets, etc. Listeners and dancers of all ages enjoy our playfulness, warmth and danceable rhythms.

We are self-employed as professional musicians, and are available any time and day of the week to play for you.

The music is truly acoustic; no microphones or other electrical equipment are needed, though we do use them on request for large and/or outdoor events.

If you are interested in having group dancing with a dance caller, we can make arrangements for that and provide the music.

Our ensemble has many combinations of instruments and group sizes.

You can request any combination. Some commonly performed arrangements are:

Solo violin/fiddle/viola (Click here for details)
Duet with guitar and fiddle/viola
Trio with mandolin, guitar, fiddle/viola
Four-piece band with two fiddles/viola, guitar, mandolin and/or Irish tenor banjo

We also know other musicians who play additional instruments, if you would like them added to the ensemble.

Styles range from lyrical waltzes to toe-tapping tunes, and include:

Irish and Scottish
French Canadian
American roots from the South and West
English and Welsh
... and some songs.

To listen to audio samples, please click here. You can also link to photos here.
To request more information, please e-mail us, or call (207) 332-3459.

To learn more about the band and Hope's original fiddle tunes, please click here.

For details about our wedding music, please click here.

* Link to Online Booking Form for Event Planners *


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