Hope Hoffman's

Theater & Movement Performance Projects

These can be arranged as after-school or in-school programs, and are ideal for home-school programs.
Each of these has been produced and performed several times already, and is ready to be offered and adapted to new groups.

Life Cycles of Seeds and Butterflies (or other science lessons)
Ages: kindergarten through 2nd grade
A movement piece with children working as a group while Hope provides a guiding spoken narrative and fiddle music. We discuss the material, do movement warm-ups and group building, and learn simple interpretive choreography.
One or two sessions one hour each plus performance

Carl Sandburg's Rootabega Stories
Ages: 5th grade through 8th grade
Children perform movement and simple spoken text, guided by a narration and musical score performed by Hope Hoffman. We will invent interpretive movement, rehearse the sequence of the story, and perform for friends and family.
Two teachers work with two groups simultaneously, for 3 sessions plus performance

Seeing My Seasons
Ages: 3rd and 4th grade
Inspired by ancient pageantry, mummers' plays and Morris dancing. Includes simple songs, skits, interpretive folk dance and live fiddle music. Informal performance draws on sessions where we invent and learn scenes exploring emotions, empathy and the cycles of seasons.

A Story Dance of the History of Your City
Guided by a spoken narrative and live fiddle music, children and parents create and learn interpretive movement to tell the story of their community. The script will be written by Hope Hoffman based on material provided by the group.
4 sessions of one and a half hours each plus a performance
One movement teacher, one musician

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